A Decade Under The Influence

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Shout out to all of the young girls whose first sexual experience was taken away from them. It’s supposed to be comfortable, and liberated. To all those who had that taken from them, you can take back your sexuality. Don’t let scum take that back from you. You are beautiful, wonderful, and fucking powerful. 

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I don’t want this anymore
I don’t want to feel
This pain on my chest
That suffocates me
Everytime I see picture of you

I don’t want to spend
My mornings thinking about
What you are doing
And my nights wondering
If I ever cross your mind

I don’t want to fall sleep
With the image of
you in my mind
Nor wake up with
Your absence

But I don’t want to
Lose you in the mouths
Of strangers
And I don’t you to become
A stranger aswell

I guess it’s better
Think of you
And feel a deep sadness
Than to admit
You’re already gone.


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